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Privacy and Covid-19: European and Asian approach

written by Dott.ssa Rebecca D’Alessandro Summary: Introduction. 1. European framework: premises. 2. Member States approaches.  3. Asian approach. Conclusion. Introduction In the past few days the ongoing debate on Coronavirus, especially after the measures...


The influence of Digital Innovation and Patents Management on SMEs: a systematic review (Part 2/2)

European Commission’s commitment in providing the tools of the trade In the last few years, and especially after the announcement in May 2015 of the Digital Single Market strategy[1], the European Commission has been...

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Driverless cars: steering into the future?

Driverless cars: steering into the future   Introduction Is no longer inappropriate to say that artificial intelligence is affecting this historical time. If years ago, we would have watched a movie[1], played a videogame[2]...