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AI draft Regulation: towards a new approach on biometric surveillance?

a cura di Federica Paolucci e Giacomo Bertelli Introduction On April 21, the European Commission presented the Proposal for a regulation laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence and amending certain Union legislative acts,...

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Intelligenza artificiale, la Commissione europea presenta la proposta di regolamento

La Commissione europea ha presentato oggi la bozza di regolamento che dovrebbe disciplinare l’uso dell’intelligenza artificiale. La nuova normativa, che fa seguito alle risoluzioni avanzate nell’ottobre del 2020[1] e si inserisce nella strategia digitale...


An overview on human rights, artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons systems

Over the past decade, the radical progress in artificial intelligence has made possible the development and deployment of fully autonomous[1] weapons systems. Once activated, these systems allow to select, attack, injure or even kill...