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Mariya Gabriel, Commissario Europeo per il digitale, sulle possibili applicazioni della Blockchain

Il 3 aprile 2019, il Commissario Europeo per l’economia e la società digitali, Mariya Gabriel, ha rilasciato uno speech sulle possibili applicazioni della Blockchain.

Ecco un breve estratto:

Let me begin by asking: Why are distributed ledger technologies relevant?

The answer relates to a deeply human concept, trust. Any economy relies on trust. Without trust, it simply does not work. Trust is at the basis of business relationships, of financial services and public policy. And without this trust, contracts or laws are just pieces of paper. Trusting the other side to honour their commitments, that is what gives them power and makes them useful.


In today’s economy, however, there is less and less time to build trust in the way it happened in the past. To fight cancer, to balance renewable energy, to trace the authenticity of goods, actors must be able to trust one another without meeting face to face.

How can we achieve this?

Of course with the help of a blockchain! Blockchain achieves this by removing the need to put trust into individual contractual partners. Once a contract is agreed, it becomes “smart” and self-executing. What does that mean? Well, think about a vending machine: that machine does not need to trust you because it automatically executes the sale of a good. Once it has the coin, it gives you the product. You only have to trust the system, i.e. that the vending machine is in good order.


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